How to place an order

Currently, Minnesoapa does not have online ordering set up. However if you message me through the "Contact Me" page we can place your order & I can ship your soaps via USPS flat rate shipping! A check payment would need to be mailed prior to your soaps shipping.

USPS flat rate shipping is guaranteed delivery within 3 business days & comes with a tracking number that can be tracked at

The USPS flat rate Small shipping box can hold up to 5 soaps and is $7.20 shipping.

The USPS flat rate Medium shipping box can hold 6-26 soaps and is $13.65 shipping.

The USPS flat rate Large shipping box can hold 27 or more soaps and is $18.90 shipping. 

If you have any questions about the soaps, ordering or shipping, feel free to ask!! You can also ask questions about ordering by contacting me through my Facebook page, Minnesoapa LLC. 

All sales are final, Unfortunately there are no returns or exchanges.

Thank you for your interest in Minnesoapa & its products!!